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Services Provided

Marketing Analysis
We do a detailed marketing analysis on your business, industry, product, or service and generate a plan that will grow your business.
We help you create names, logos, social media usernames, and etc. that will give you a brand that separates you from your competition.
We assist you with trademarking your name, business name, logo, brand name, etc. to keep your brand secure, safe, and sound.
Website Design
We design fully functional, responsive websites with features tailored to your business, product, brand, and/or service.
Mobile App Design
We also design custom mobile apps that can be a direct correspondent to your website or an app that designed perfectly to your needs.
Mobile App Hosting
We offer our clients the opportunity for us to host their mobile apps on Google Play App Store and/or Apple App Store at a reasonable price.

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Responsive Designs – Woocommerce Ability – Mobile Friendly – Quick Web To Mobile App Conversion – Copywriting – SSL Certification – SEO  

Why Choose Us

The key to our success is that we embrace collaboration and demand that our strategists, designers and project managers work closely and directly with our clients whole-heartedly to produce the best marketing plan that will result in exponential growth statistically while providing the proper details and graphical designs to entice your audience and your future clientele to purchase your product or service.


We understand that each entity, company, person has their own niche. So we thoroughly study and research your industry, product, service, and all the ways you have been marketing it and we innovate your ideas to the perception of the masses.

High Quality Designs

We strive to give you the best website and/or mobile app design that will greatly shine the light on the company, product, or service at-hand. You only get one chance to make an impression and we make sure you hold their attention forever.

Unique Development

We develop your website and app with unique features that fit your company, service, or product, such as woocommerce, membership subscription, and much more.

Frequent Updates

We keep your clientele coming back for more by frequently updating your website and mobile app with information, features, and marketing techniques. 

Customer Support

We involve our customers’ input every step in the process to generate the best marketing plan that defines your specific uniqueness. We answer any questions the client may have to ensure the growing  knowledge of marketing. 

Flexible Rates

We understand that clients and their budgets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We thrive to work with everyone and give them the same high quality design and services. No matter the size of the company or the budget. 

Our Team

Meet the team behind your success

Tha True Showtime
The mastermind of the company that specializes in branding, marketing analysis, trademarking, website & mobile app designing.
Devin Duvall
SEO Manager
A manager that understands the importance of SEO and specializes in generating traffic to increase your internet presence.
Graphic Wind
Graphic Design Team
GW offers creative grafix service with high quality designs for affordable rates. You will receive outstanding support from their designers.
Ivy Enterprise
Graphic Design Team
A graphic design company who works closely with us and our clientele to help with all graphical needs. From websites to flyers and much more.
Domain Hosting Company
One.com works hand-to-hand with us. They offer domain hosting, website builder, email, along with SSL certifications for your website domain.






Expand Your Market Today!

Marketing determines rather a company sink or swim, rather a product sells, rather a service is utilized, or the longevity of either. With the growth of technology, the importance for an internet presence is key to a successful market.  A successful market unlocks the world of exponential growth resulting in a statistical chart relevant to your industry, product, service, or company. Expand your market with us as we specialize in developing a market that only you or your company can obtain.


Reviews from clients who’s used our services

"I started this company by marketing, trademarking, branding myself and designing my own website and mobile app. I couldn't believe the results when everything was available to the public. I instantly thought it would do the world good to offer the same services."
Tha True Showtime
"I would love to thank Str Pwr Marketing Agency for helping me brand Heavy-Set Sexy, and marketing my music. They provided excellent customer service and since I began working with them I have seen tremendous results in my following and sales. I most definitely will be a lifetime client."
Ja'vion McVadian
"I would've never thought that it was a marketing agency out there who would care about my success as much as me. They help me build my name as a music artist and my company Anchor Your Beauty, which features all natural products. Thank you so much Str Pwr Marketing Agency."
J Shirel
"Trusting Str Pwr Marketing Agency to improve my brand and marketing plan was the best decision of my life. People all around the globe is taking notice of my talents and I am seeing the increase of my exposure. I've referred my brother and mother to them as well. Thank you so much guys for your help."
Nyasia Worth

About The Agency

This agency was built on the complex, technological advancement of the world. We strive to encourage businesses, clients, and whomsoever to learn and research the growth of the market and the direction it’s headed. Each brand, product, company, business as their own unique, special market that only that brand, product, company, business can dwell in. The only to reap the full benefits of such market is elevate your niche to an undeniable level. Here at Str Pwr Marketing Agency, we not only achieve maximum greatness with our services while brightening the light on your brand, but as well educate our clients in what we are doing, how we are doing it, and why we are doing it. We understand that knowledge is the key to unlimited growth with no restraints on how far your business, product, or service can transcend. 

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